What is the #BuildingBlocks4Peace Campaign about?

  • The #BuildingBlocks4Peace Campaign is the NPRC’s national campaign on bringing together Zimbabwe towards the journey of peace and reconciliation.

  • The campaign is multi-faceted recognising the pieces that need to come together for peace and reconciliation to occur and remain in our homes, communities and nation – people, institutions, etc

  • The Building blocks are what each person or institution brings towards building the peace. 


How can I be a part of the campaign?

  • Being a citizen automatically makes you a buildingblock4peace – and it is your positive action towards building that peace that contributes to Zimbabwe’s peace and reconciliation efforts.

  • The campaign also asks each citizen– “how are you contributing towards peace in Zimbabwe?”


What does the #BuildingBlocks4Peace campaign seek to change?

  • Firstly - mindsets to recognise that all citizens have a shared responsibility towards peace and reconciliation;

  • Second – gathering the different narratives of the past and present;

  • Third - becoming active participants in the process/ journey of peace for Zimbabwe – and creating a pathway for future generations; and

  • Fourthly – realising that peace is a public good that sets foundation for many other sectors in a nation – the economy, environment etc.


When NPRC leaves my community what will happen next?

NPRC will continue to work with all stakeholders and provide convening space for collaborative work.  As NPRC continues to scale out its work it will remain present in the provinces through designated Commissioners. Next key steps for the NPRC will be the validation for its 5 year strategic plan on 19 July and the launch of the Strategic Plan on 25 July 2018.  This strategic plan will be an important reference point for the Commission’s work in the next five years.